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The Quang Binh Border Guard Command has directed units to always update the weather situation, keep in touch and notify vehicle owners at sea about the developments of rain and floods, and request them to find safe shelters. whole; prepare forces and means to be ready to respond and help people prevent and combat natural disasters; strengthen forces, coordinate with local authorities to propagate and call on people not to go into the forest, and take measures to ensure safety of people and property; Prepare adequate amounts of food to be ready to support people when situations arise.


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On September 27, American astronaut Frank Rubio and two Russian astronauts began their journey from the International Space Station (ISS) back to Earth, 6 months later than planned.

The Sky Oasis apartment complex impresses residents when living because it is invested in a series of high-class amenities with a 2.5km long shopping-food-entertainment-check-in walking street; water music square; A resort-style swimming pool of nearly 400 square meters on the third floor and an infinity pool connecting the two buildings on the 41st floor. GambleOnline, Israel closed the Erez border crossing, the only border crossing with the Gaza Strip, after protests turned violent along the border just before the Jewish New Year holiday. Violent protests have left a number of people dead and injured due to clashes with Israeli soldiers.

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Reviewing the diplomas and certificates submitted by students, An Giang University discovered 3 more English certificates and one university degree with signs of forgery, so they reported it to the police.

Roulette Wheel Big WThe Ecological Research and Experimental Production Area project of the Vietnam-Russia Tropical Center in Dong Xuan commune has a recovered land area of over 208,200m2. Roulette Wheel Big W, In the speech, the Prime Minister focused on presenting 03 main contents including how did Vietnam fight for national independence, unify the country and protect the Fatherland?; Vietnam's innovation, integration and development process; Vietnam-Brazil relations and orientation to promote cooperation, bringing relations between the two countries to new heights in the coming time.

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The ambassador said that in the coming time, France will promote cooperation with Vietnam in science and education, especially higher education; Spend 1.5 million Euros in scholarships for Vietnamese students. Vietnam is the third country to receive such large scholarship support from France. France wants to promote cooperation with Vietnam within the framework of the Fair Energy Transition Partnership.

Best strategy for roulette Hanoi Autumn Festival and Hanoi Cuisine Introduction Space with the theme "Essence of Vietnamese Cuisine" takes place until October 1.

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Play Roulette for Free There is only one quarter left for Vietnam to strive to complete the year's goals; in which the most important target is 6.5% growth. However, this is considered a major goal in the context of macroeconomic stability, ensuring the major balances of the economy while remaining potentially risky, especially the risk of rising inflation at the end of the year.

During the last gasoline operation on September 21, gasoline prices continued to increase sharply, bringing gasoline prices to nearly 26,000 VND/liter.

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