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In order to create a breakthrough in the cooperative relationship between the two countries and the two Communist Parties in the coming time, the two sides agreed to give priority to promoting cooperation in science and technology and education and training such as enhancing experience sharing, Research the possibility of scientific and technological cooperation and innovation, especially in important and potential fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) technology, response to climate change, green growth, digital transformation; Support training for party members, increase student exchange...


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The exhibition runs until September 16, introducing more than 100 book titles to readers with 3 thematic clusters: Bookcase about President Ho Chi Minh; The Bookcase displays publications of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong; Bookcase about Party leaders and the Vietnamese Revolution through different periods .

Within the framework of the visit, Prime Minister Hun Manet had separate meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chief Member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) of China Zhao. Lac Te, Prime Minister Li Qiang to further promote diamond cooperation, strategic direction for Cambodia-China relations... GambleOnline, Declaring the 2023 Vietnam Socio-Economic Forum a great success, the Chairman of the National Assembly respectfully thanked the leaders of the Party, State, Vietnam Fatherland Front, departments, ministries and branches of China. Central government, localities, experts, scientists, National Assembly delegates and news, press and media agencies promptly provided information, developments and results of the Forum.

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“ With music elaborated by musician Do Bao, we are cherishing a stage space that changes with each episode. The live show is not only a meeting place for people who love Do Bao's music, but also an emotional journey for each person," director Linh Nguyen shared.

Live Roulette CasinosWhen these four people arrived in Thailand, Nam transferred 16 million VND to Ngoc, of which the tour fee was 10 million VND, Ngoc benefited 6 million VND. Live Roulette Casinos, Proud to be the world's number one best-selling global brand of nutritional supplements, Nutrilite believes that nature is a valuable source of nutrition that supports health promotion for a better life.

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Yonhap news agency quoted sources as saying that the armored train carrying the North Korean leader on September 14 appeared to be moving to Komsomolsk-on-Amur, which is considered an important industrial center of Khabarovsk (a major industrial hub). federal entity of the Russian Far East).

Winning roulette strategy Hai Duong province leaders request to consider and handle the responsibilities of heads of agencies and local authorities if they allow facilities with high risk of fire and explosion to operate without ensuring safe conditions for fire prevention and fighting. fire and rescue, as well as allowing fires to occur that cause serious consequences due to lack of leadership, direction, inspection, supervision, or inadequate performance of responsibilities within the scope of functions, their tasks and areas of management.

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Play Online Roulette In Group B of ASIAD 2023 Men's Soccer, the Vietnam Olympic Team will meet opponents Mongolia, Iran and Saudi Arabia respectively.

It is estimated that every day Hue city generates more than 407 tons of household waste; Of which, plastic waste accounts for more than 15.4% and is a dangerous threat to the environment as well as human health in the area. Therefore, the Hue-Urban Plastic Reduction Project in Central Vietnam sponsored by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (WWF) has implemented many actions targeting this group of waste.

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